Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadow

Mary Kay: Honey Spice Mineral Shadow

I had a Mary Kay consultant come to my place last week to do a demonstration for me and a group of my girl friends. She did a great job and we all loved her, but I am sorry that I purchased any of the Mary Kay makeup.
Normally I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE advocate of their product, but not this time. Granted, I have only purchased their skin care products before, never makeup.
So I ordered one of their new mineral eye shadows in “Honey Spice.” It cost me a pretty penny; over $7. I was so excited for my order to come in… but when I got it in the mail the other day I was kind of pissed. Pardon the language but I don’t like feeling as if I am being ripped off.
The packaging was CHEAP. It was plastic and they didn’t even give me an applicator. When I opened it up I was dismayed to find a sample sized eye shadow within. When I say sample sized, I mean about three times smaller than a Revlon eye shadow for double Revlon’s price.
Not only that, but I did a color test next to my favorite mineral eye shadow; LA Colors from the Dollar Tree. Yea, I said it… the Dollar Tree. Mary Kay’s eyeshadow didn’t even come CLOSE to the Dollar Tree shadows quality. That is sick.
I will let the pics speak for themselves. Have a look.
Sizing in comparison to Revlon
Here are the color tests
Can you guess which is the Mary Kay and which is the Dollar Tree shadow? Top is Dollar Tree, bottom is Mary Kay. The Dollar Tree shade looks MUCH MUCH nicer to me. What do you all think?

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